Vizsla Club of the Carolinas
Serving North and South Carolina US and surrounding areas
This page was last updated: July 12, 2014
Thank you for your interest in Vizsla rescue.  This page is intended to inform you about how Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Rescue works, so that you can decide if you want to pursue this option when looking for a Vizsla.

The VCC is the local club contact operating under the auspices of the Vizsla Club of America Rescue. We are very fortunate to have a limited number of dogs come into rescue so we don't have "lots of dogs" in foster care. 

When a dog comes into our system we assess the dog's needs or problems and then try to match them to the adoptive family that will most likely be a good match. Therefore, the person on the waiting list the longest is not automatically in line for the next dog that comes into rescue.  For example, if we have an adoptive family that has young children and the next dog that comes into rescue is known to be uncomfortable around young children (possibly due to a previous bad experience) we certainly wouldn't place that dog in that home.  Another example would be - If we were to get an older dog into rescue and the application indicates the prospective adoptive family is only interested in a dog under the age of 5, we wouldn't try to 'talk them into' taking a 12 year old dog.

All dogs that come into rescue are evaluated for behavior and health issues.  If they are in need of health care, the club takes care of that.  ALL DOGS ARE NEUTERED OR SPAYED before they are adopted!  If there are other health problems we make sure they are treated before they leave foster care.  Because there are expenses related to getting a dog ready for its new family, we charge an adoption fee.

After a dog has been placed in its new adoptive home both the dog and the new family would be on a 2 week probation.  If, after the probationary time, everything is going well we would finalize the adoption.  The final adoption papers require that the dog be returned to rescue AT ANY TIME during the life of the dog if the new owners are unable to take care of the dog.

Vizsla Rescue wants to stay in touch with the dogs we place, and their families. We are always here to answer questions, offer advice when needed and provide information on owning a Vizsla and what all goes with it. Please click on the link above to meet the previous dogs in VCC Rescue and their sucess stories!

If you want to get more information on vizslas and most particularly rescue dogs we can recommend the following books: THE VERSATILE VIZSLA -by Marion Coffman  and SECOND HAND DOG by Carol Lea Benjamin.  Both of these books can be found at or you can order them through your local book store.

If you have questions about the adoption process or want to know more about the dogs we currently have in foster care you can contact our rescue coordinator, Theresa Robards, at: or call her at 843-971-1390.

In order to be considered for rescue we request that you complete the Application Form. Please download the form, complete & return to Theresa Robards via e-mail at:

Following receipt of the application we then try to arrange an in-home visit.  Once we get through the application process you are on the waiting list.

Please check out the fundraisers that benefit VCC Rescue. We could really use foster homes!!! We never know when we will be taking a red dog in need into rescue, so if you are interested in either Fostering or potentially adopting, please contact Theresa Robards at or 843-971-1390.

VCC Rescue Application Form

Questions? Contact VCC Rescue Coordinator Theresa Robards, at 843-971-1390
or email her at:

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