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VCC is excited that board member and Agility Judge Abbie Hanson,
judged at the 2021 Westminster Kennel Club show!
Congratulations to her for this momentous opportunity!!
Rally Master and Rally Championship Journey with Violet!
By Thecla Tyner

Definitely a journey that requires dedication, and perseverance!  Violet was from my Valentine litter born; 2/14/2016 Jenny X Ritz: Named Violet after my own mother. Ky’s Wynn’N Violet Valentine Dam: GCH Ky’s CJ Watch’N Me Wynn JH ROM and Sire: CH Banker’s Gold Standard. I kept the puppy from this litter that was the most active and outgoing. I was not going to put her with a family that might have trouble with her. Boy did I ever begin a journey with her!  
She was full of excitement! She wanted to please, very biddable, however she wanted to do things her way and hopefully please me! LOL Well she definitely makes me smile and laugh! I have never had a Vizsla that was this over the top. She thought that the conformation game was to beat the other dogs around the ring, and believe me she tried. During her show career she gained 1 major (a 4 pt. major and 9 total points) with many Reserve Winners.  
Whether I was to keep her, or rehome her, I had to get her trained! My husband called her a hoodlum, a renegade. But I claimed her as a handful, to say the least. She was, and still is, a handful, but she is my handful!
I began some obedience classes, 5 to be exact (1 session) Late Summer of 2017 at 1 ½ years old. I moved her to Rally and never looked back!

10/15/2017 she earned her Rally Novice Title in 3 straight passes
11/5/2017 Violet achieved her Junior Hunter Title in 4 straight passes
3/17/2018 Violet earned her intermediate Rally Title in 4 passes, because her handler didn’t get a walk thru and did a figure 8 around the wrong two cones
6/8/2018 Violet earned her Rally Advanced, (this is off leash) in 3 straight passes
3/24/2019 Violet earned her Rally Excellent Title in 3 straight passes, placing 1st in Rally Excellent at the VCA National Rally Trial that year.
(Covid in the Spring of 2020 and getting started back in 2021) 
2/24/2021 Violet earn her CGC Title
6/4/2021 Violet earned her CGCU Title
6/19/2021 Violet Earned her RM Rally Master Title
12/5/2021 Violet earned her RAE (Rally Advance Excellent) Title (Qualifying in both Advance and Excellent in the same trial 10 times.)  
5/7/2022 Violet Earned her RAE 2 Title
3/26/2022 Violet Earned her RM 2 Title
8/21/2022 Violet Earned her RM 3 Title
12/3/2022 Violet Earned her RM 4 Title

And . . . “drum roll” on 12/4/2022 Violet EARNED her RACH (Rally championship). at the ripe old age of 6.5!
Once competing for the RAE Title, she Qualified every time she attempted those two classes!  Once Violet started working on her Master Title, she Qualified 35 times of the 39 attempted. It’s definitely a team effort!  

Pending AKC Approval Violet’s Registrered name will be:  RACH KY’S WYNN’N VIOLET VALENTINE JH RM4 RAE2 CGCU
Thank you to all of the Judges, Stewards, Friends, Trainers, and Clubs for allowing us to complete this journey.  

Thecla Tyner