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Responsible breeders breed only the best quality dogs and never breed a dog that is unsound in any way. That means placing top priority on temperament, natural ability and adherence to the breed standard as established by the Vizsla Club of America. Responsible breeders are fair to their buyers and want to educate and support them. 

 All breeders listed on this page are members of the Vizsla Club of the Carolinas and abide by the code of ethics. The VCC does not endorse or screen these breeders.
That is the responsibility of the prospective buyer.

Please get in touch with the VCC Breeder Referral person for more information on possible litters available in the Carolinas - Katie Titus -

North Carolina

Bev Diamond (VCC Member & AKC Breeder of Merit)
Ararat, NC

Michelle Porfido-DeLucia (VCC Member & AKC SILVER Breeder of Merit)
Fuquay-Varina NC

South Carolina

Anna Defenbaugh (VCC Member & AKC Breeder of Merit)
Spartanburg, SC 

Ed Foster (VCC Member & AKC Breeder of Merit)
Greenville SC

Beth Kirven (VCC Member & AKC PLATINUM Breeder of Merit)
Solaris Vizslas
West Columbia, SC 

Thecla Tyner (VCC Member & AKC Breeder of Merit)
Ky's Vizslas
Greenville, SC 


Nancy Edmunds (VCC Member & AKC GOLD Breeder of Merit)
Vizcaya Vizslas
Bowman, Ga
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