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This page was last updated: July 22, 2017
National Events Futurity and Maturity

The 2017 VCA National Specialty held in May will host the 6th Annual Futurity Maturity Specialty Show.  Breeders from around the country are encouraged to nominate their litters and participate in this program that is designed to highlight and showcase many different breeding programs of well-established and respected breeders of this wonderful breed.

The purpose of the program is two-fold:

1. To highlight and reward the breeders, the backbone of our breed, as well as the stud dog owners and puppy owners. This will be accomplished through the awarding of cash prizes derived from both nominating fees and entry fees.

2. To provide a fund-raising opportunity for the Vizsla Club of America,The VCA will receive 15% of all nominating fees.

Administration of the program is accomplished through the efforts of a committee comprised of Ed Foster, Michelle Rochester and Joyce Tischler. While the program has been approved for inclusion in the VCA National Events, by the VCA Board, this committee operates independently from the VCA Board.

For more detailed information, as well as many FAQ & entry forms:


Vizsla Futurity Maturity Program Explanation

Individual Dog Nomination Form

Individual Maturity Nomination Form

Litter Nomination Form

Vizsla Club of America Futurity Maturity Information
VCC Supported Entry - Saturday July 29, 2017
Carolina Foothills Dog Show Cluster - Greenville SC
Vizsla Supported Entry with Sweepstakes Piedmont Kennel Club
Sweeps beginat 11:30am
Regular classes begin at 12noon
There are 35 entries!
Breed Judge: Nina Dee (VA)
Sweepstakes Judge: Richard Bohannon (NC)

Meeting in Greenville SC!
Greenville TD center at 1 Exposition Dr, Greenville SC  29607
Saturday July 29, 2017, at the Foothills cluster shows!
Held in the meeting room just to the right of the Purina Vending Booth,
     and across from Ring 11 - 2:15 to 3:15 only!
Nominations from the floor can be made for the upcoming elections!

Annual meeting in Greensboro NC!
Carolina KC show on Saturday August 19, 2017
Elections for the club officers!